Saturday, July 4, 2009

Disgraceful conduct at Ottawa Canada Day celebrations

Published in the July 4, 2009 Ottawa Sun

I was one of the thousands of people downtown for the Canada Day celebrations. The music was great, the entertainment was live, and the people were enjoying themselves. But when the crowds began to clear, one area which was entirely trashed and disgraced was our noble War Memorial. To see such filth on and surrounding our precious War Memorial was outrageous and repulsive.

We all celebrated Canada Day in our own way - whether going out on the town or perhaps watching the entertainment on Parliament Hill. Why must the drunken stupidity spill onto honourable areas worth nothing less than sober thought and reflection?

By all means, enjoy yourself and celebrate Canada's birthday, but don't do it by disgracing a prestigious war memorial designed to honour the people who fought for Canada. If you really want to celebrate Canada, respect her memorials by keeping them clean.