Friday, December 16, 2011

CBC is altering news... again

The CBC had a rare stroke of balance and fairness this morning when they published Wheat board changes kick in, directors out.  It was a balanced article which was fair to the multiple concerns surrounding the new voluntary Canadian Wheat Board.  The time stamp says the article was uploaded at 10:13am on December 16.

I probably read the article around 10:30am.

When I first read the article it noted that most farmers were "generally happy with the new law."

Yet here's where it gets interesting.

CBC commenter "widman" complained at 12:40pm that

""Farmers generally happy with new law" 
Gee CBC, where are you getting this from? The only poll done shows most were against this decision! What basis do you have for this comment?  
I'm afraid that speaking to the few CON farmers who showed up with the Minister don't constitute the "general" 'feeling of all the farmers involved. 
Why CBC, are you adopting FOX-SUN news approaches to what qualifies as consensus?"
Then, mysteriously, at 6:56pm, the time stamp says the article was amended, and there's no mention of the "generally happy" quote both myself and "widman" saw.

Congratulations CBC.  When one of your radical leftists complains that your rare balanced article smells like the responsible, balanced reporting of Sun News, you change the news.  Shame.