Saturday, January 7, 2012

CBC's internal ombudsman says it's okay to lie and smear politicians

The CBC's internal ombudsman, Kirk Lapointe, has ruled that the CBC did not violate any journalistic standards when they ambushed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at his home while taking his daughter to school, and subsequently blatantly reported false news to smear the mayor.

On October 24, 2011, the CBC ambushed Ford at his home where he was about to take his daughter to school.  Light had barely broken the sky, and a screaming woman dressed up in medieval warrior gear running at Ford with a fake sword clearly startled Ford and his daughter.  Remember that mayor Ford came to power in Toronto on a promise to "cut the fat" which has resulted in death threats from the left!

But it's not very exciting news to report that the state broadcaster ambushed the largest city's mayor and they ran inside.  So the CBC and Toronto Star, Canada's most prolific leftist reporters, knowingly reported false news to attempt to smear the conservative mayor.  Both cited "anonymous police sources" when they claimed the mayor threatened the 911 operators and said "You … bitches! Don't you f--king know? I'm Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!"

This claim was completely refuted by Ford as well as Police Chief Bill Blair, who listened to the tapes and verified the quote was not said.

It was false news. Made up to smear a conservative mayor.  And the CBC's ombudsman has ruled that's okay.  Yet another example that this slanted state broadcaster cannot and should not function on taxpayers' money.