Thursday, February 16, 2012

Media Still Refusing to Comment on NDP MP Falling Asleep in House of Commons

It's been 10 days since NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain was caught falling asleep in the House of Commons, yet the media is still refusing to report on it!  Only the Huffington Post has bothered to cover this story, saying the 32-year-old MP must have stayed up past his bedtime.

Note that I personally don't think this is that big of a deal.  MP's are over-worked and can easily spend 80 hours a week on their parliamentary duties.  Who hasn't dozed off at their desk during a work meeting or university lecture?
But what is a big deal is the blatant media hypocrisy surrounding this issue.  When Conservative MP Rob Anders fell asleep in the House it made national news for days.  The National Post reported on it and sarcastically suggested he was protesting Question Period.  The CBC reported on it tooAs did the Toronto Star.

Yet none of them are touching the issue when an NDP MP does it.

Why do they get a free pass?