Friday, February 17, 2012

Pot, meet kettle

Remember when the Liberals and NDP were desperately pushing the "selling access to a minister" agenda?  Was a minister attending a dinner?  SELLING ACCESS!  Was an MP speaking about the upcoming budget? SELLING ACCESS!  Did a person have to pay money to hear a minister give a speech about politics?  SELLING ACCESS!
The reality, of course, was that various Conservative MP's and ministers appeared at various fundraisers for local EDA's.  These EDA's were fundraising money, and it was a particular treat to be able to hear from John Baird, Jim Flaherty, or Maxime Bernier.  It wasn't selling access, it was fundraising.
But if the NDP and Liberals want to push their "selling access" line, then what the heck do they call this?

That's right.  It's a Liberal fundraiser, featuring Mauril Belanger, David McGuinty, and Justin Trudeau for $200 a person.  All three are Liberal heavyweights in the tiny Liberal caucus, and back in the Liberal government days Belanger was a cabinet minister.
Or what about the NDP leadership convention, which will allow party members and nonmembers alike to rub shoulders with the NDP heavyweights for an astounding $349 standard price or an even more astounding $1000 for a nonmember observer.
Suffice to say the fundraising tactics are really one in the same.  When Conservatives do it, it's "selling access" and should be condemned, but when the socialists do it it's perfectly acceptable.
Hypocrisy is great isn't it?  Pot, meet kettle.