Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NDP precedence means Mulcair must resign, demand public inquiry

It's official: the NDP's voting process was subject to a DDOS attack, in which more than 10,000 computers were involved.

This clarification comes days after fragmented and confused NDP messages.  At first this was an enormous attack - Dippers said this was the result of the Conservatives (and perhaps even the mysterious Pierre Poutine) interfering with their voting process.  Nevermind that they didn't clarify the difference between "hacking" and a DDOS attack - they made up their mind Conservatives were responsible.

Then they said "nah, we're fine. Nothing happened.  All is well."

Then the NDP president came on the air and said "yes, there was a DDOS attempt but nothing happened."

And now this news.  Which is it?!

Let's also remember for a second that Scytl, the company contracted to create and conduct the NDP's vote, is a Spanish company.  What ever happened to standing up for Canadian jobs and families, NDP?

But most importantly, let's remember the precedent set by the Dippers screaming "election fraud!" at the top of their lungs when the robocall issue first arose.  They demanded a public inquiry and a byelection for even the attempt to interfere in the electoral process.

So the same applies here, doesn't it?  We must a) demand a public inquiry and b) hold a byelection to determine the rightful Leader of the Opposition.

It's only fair.