Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to Canada's new Socialist-in-Chief

It’s been a long-fought political battle, but Canada finally has a permanent Leader of the Opposition and a new “Socialist-in-Chief.”  I’ve pondered whether this title or “Socialist-in-Waiting” is a better fit for the new NDP leader.

But regardless of the title, one thing is for sure: the NDP will continue its demands for job-killing tax hikes.  While their coincidentally well-released ad says new leader Thomas Mulcair and the NDP are “fighting for your family,” they forgot the fine print, which should continue “by raising taxes on everything you own and use. But don’t worry, we’ll ensure our union buddies get you a nice salary to compensate for our short-sighted economic policies.”

He'll be Canada's leading socialist voice for at least the next three years.

Even the Globe and Mail, a relatively liberal newspaper, says the NDP is “still not a credible alternative.”  According to the Globe, the NDP remains heavily indebted to labour unions (especially public sector unions), and their bold ideas (such as a Crown corporation for generic drugs or an “insanely great” CBC) have not gained traction.

We can also predict another aspect of the future of the NDP for sure: Mulcair’s record will become public and will undoubtedly be used in future information ads.  While the NDP will decry these “attack ads” as being slanted, unfair, or simply untrue, the fact remains that there is no attack ad more effective than one that uses a person’s real record and words against him or her.

Coincidentally, this is also why American “attack ads” are inherently different from Canadian ones: Canadian attack ads (by the Conservative Party, at least) have been produced using real quotes and policies advocated by the recipient.  The only “Amercian-style” attack ad I’ve seen in Canada was the one where the Liberal Party ridiculously claimed Stephen Harper would have the military on every street corner in Canada.

We know how well that went.

But what then can we expect to see from Mulcair’s record?

On merger with the Liberals, Mulcair said: “No matter where these progressive forces come from, we will make sure we have enough Canadians to form the next government.”

When Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces, Mulcair proposed a conspiracy that Osama was not actually dead – first saying there was no proof, then saying if there was proof then it must have been staged.

He supports the Kyoto Protocol, the failed international environmental policy which would have cost Canada $14 billion ($1600 for every family) had we not withdrawn earlier this year.  Does your family have $1600 to throw into Mulcair’s environmental dream?

Also in his campaign, Mulcair proposed:

A cap and trade system – the same one already proposed by the NDP which was costed to an astounding $12.6 billion per year (yes, billion) and hike gas taxes 10 cents per litre.  That would in turn raise the cost of everything that relies on vehicle transportation to get from point a to point b – basically everything you own.

“Improving women’s equity on boards and committees” – straightforward affirmative action language suggesting the current boards and committees (which ones?) just aren’t the same without more women on board.

“Anti-Scab legislation:” straight from his union endorsees, no doubt, Mulcair has proposed to make it illegal for workers to want to work while their greedy unions demand more from private companies.

Of course, all of this is damning evidence against a leader supposedly “fighting for your family.”  The NDP will proclaim these quotes are wrong or false, while Canadians will be left to determine the truth.

Welcome, Tom.  I hope you’re ready for the ride.