Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mulcair and NDP flip flops on Marijuana

Well that didn't take long.  Less than two weeks after being elected leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair has flip-flopped the NDP's pro-marijuana stance.

In this interview with CTV News, Mulcair says they would not decriminalize marijuana.  Juxtapose that with Jack Layton's statement that they would decriminalize marijuana.  Mulcair also says it's "too easy an answer" to compare marijuana laws to prohibition, yet, surprise surprise, that's exactly what Jack Layton did.

It turns out Maclean's Magazine also caught this flip-flop.  So when Mulcair is running for leadership, sure! Absolutely! He wants to decriminalize marijuana.  But now that he has your vote, no, absolutely not! They don't want to decriminalize marijuana!

NDP members and supporters should be outraged.