Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New NDP Mulcair Ads Leave out key Details

Hooray!  The new NDP leader is here Canada!  "Hello" as Thomas Mulcair would simply say.

Apparently these new ads introduce Mulcair to Canada and show how he's a "crusader" fighting that evil Conservative government (the government that has reduced or eliminated over 150 taxes on you and your family since 2006).

Mulcair will fight for your family, they say.  But how is he fighting for your family by demanding you pay  $12.6 billion per year for a cap-and-trade system

How is he fighting for your family while demanding that Canada uphold Kyoto, the failed international environmental policy that would have cost Canada $14 billion had we not withdrew when we did?

How is he fighting for your family by demanding gas taxes be raised by 10 cents per litre?

The NDP cares if you make ends meet, they say.  Unless you're a "scab" who wants to make ends meet while your union goes on strike.  Then you're out of luck.

And best of all, a woman on a bicycle says Mulcair's NDP cares that she finds a good job.  Of course they do - they want to use affirmative action to create 50% men 50% women on all boards and committees, but they won't explain which ones. So while this bike-riding woman is certainly being paid attention to, what about the other Canadians who just want to work?  What about the qualified Canadians who want a job because they're qualified, not because they're a man or woman?

The Conservative Party of Canada clearly remains the party for you and your family.  On top of lowering or eliminating over 120 taxes since 2006, they've introduced various family tax credits and created over 600,000 net new jobs since July 2009.

That's real action for your family.  The NDP's ad leaves out key details about their high-tax, job-killing plans, which will do nothing but hurt your family.