Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Occupy Resistance Being Trained by Unions

Since spring is here and summer is on its way, it's time for the Occupy resistance to gear up again.  You remember Occupy right?  The protest of greedy students and leftists complaining they have to work?  The "movement" that is really a resistance comprised of union bosses and paid protesters?

Yes, after being arrested and disbanded in the winter, or simply going back to their parents' basement because it was too cold, the Occupiers are back again!  After all, why get one of those proletariat student summer jobs when you can camp in a park, sexually assault people, and do all the drugs you want, all summer long?!

But even after being disbanded - kicked out of parks after breaking countless laws and destroying the area, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars - they're not giving up.

Now they're receiving specialized training from unions - the original complainers.  Some have even suggested that this entire resistance is just astroturf - that it's really orchestrated and was in fact created by unions who, of course, take any chance possible to hurt corporations (and ironically, thus the very workers the unions represent).

So the proponents of the Occupy resistance are attempting to use their official union resources to train Occupiers.  At least now we can see the clear connection between unions - who inherently argue against corporations and demand higher taxes - and Occupiers - who continue to argue against corporations, against corporations... and... uh... what else?  Ah hell, down with corporations again!

I especially find it fascinating that they're claiming to train 100,000 people, yet these occupations have seen a dismal turnout.  In Vancouver – a city of 2.3 million people, and the hub of many socially progressive ideals could only muster an ineffectual protest of one tenth of one percent.  In Ottawa, 2,863 people said they’d attend that "massive" rally, yet roughly 500 people actually showed up, and only one tenth of that number – 50 to 60 people – stayed the night.  So in a city of almost one million residents and Canada's capital, 50 people were committed.

Will most of these 100,000, if they can even find 100,000 people, just be people who already belonged to the unions?  I think so.