Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Canada’s disgrace: the need to assist persecuted Canadians

Since many of the left-wing media have now likened the admittance of Conrad Black on a one-year temporary visa to the opposition to allow convicted murder and terrorist Omar Khadr back into Canada, I figure I’ll play along in a follow-up to yesterday’s Canada’s Disgrace: the need to reject terrorists from our country.

The differences between the two men are vast, and it’s laughable that one would even attempt to posit the logic that if we oppose a terrorist from entering our country, how can we allow a “British criminal” (as Thomas Mulcair put it) back into Canada?


Yet that’s what most of the media is doing, so let’s play along to realize how ridiculous such an assertion really is.


Omar Khadr comes from the infamous Khadr crime family. Omar’s father, Ahmed, was Osama bin Laden’s chief financier, who used Canada’s free first-class health care and generous public to set up a front group to finance terrorism overseas.  Ahmed’s charity was created to “alleviate human suffering” but really the money was sent to Pakistan to finance terrorism, bombs, and destruction – and eventually the terrorist bombing on the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan in 1995.


But Ahmed’s legacy wasn’t enough for Omar.  Omar, who fully acknowledged he did not have to partake in the family crime business, wanted to become a bigger and better terrorist than his father.  He took specialized training classes and he happily smiled at cameras filming him make improvised explosive devices (IED’s).  Omar’s purpose in life was “to kill many Americans,” “wherever they could be found,” and his despicable wish tragically came true when he threw that grenade at Sgt. Speer’s squad.


And if that wasn’t enough, whenever Khadr was feeling down in his luxurious accommodations at Guantanamo Bay, he’d relive the tragic last minutes of Sgt. Speer’s life, and “it made him feel good.”


Khadr was convicted.  Of murder.  He is an unapologetic terrorist.


Now, to expose how ridiculous this comparison really is, let’s consider the life of The Right Honourable Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour, PC, OC, KCSG, LL.L., M.A.


Black was born in Montreal in 1944 to a successful family. His family had founded or ran at one point large companies, such as Canadian Breweries Limited, Great-West Life Insurance, and the Daily Telegraph newspaper.


But while his family focused on athletics, Black decided to study wordplay.  Growing up he began investing and eventually obtained a Master’s degree from McGill and a law degree from Laval University (an LL.L., now known as a Bachelor of Civil Law or B.C.L.).


Black’s climb to success is readily available on the public record, so it needs not repeating much here.  Black became a successful investor and owned a number of newspapers.


Fast forward to 2007, and Black has just been convicted of several counts of fraud.


Except that those charges would eventually be overturned.


Black was also found guilty of obstructing justice for removing personal effects from his former employer’s office (ordered by the court), when it turned out that some of those papers were also under court order to not be removed.


The glaring incompatibility of this comparison should at this point be crystal clear.  A convicted, unapologetic terrorist, on the one hand, and a successful, wealthy Canadian, who at worst took personal documents he should not have.


By no means am I excusing Black for what he may or may not have done.  Black’s autobiography suggests it was a conspiracy of the American legal system, while the American legal system suggests Black was purposely hindering their investigation.  I suggest reality is probably somewhere in the middle, so I neither want to vindicate nor condemn Lord Black.


The results of this miscarriage of justice have been substantial: Black has sold several homes; his net work is substantially diminished; he’s lost every stake in the companies he built and championed; and his relationship with his children and wife has been significantly strained.


So when the NDP and the left-wing media stand up for convicted terrorist Omar Khadr while admonishing Conrad Black, you’ll know whose side they’re really on.