Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Canada’s disgrace: the need to reject terrorists from our country

The life of Omar Khadr has been on near-constant public conscience ever since the fateful day when the fanatical terrorist threw a grenade at a U.S. army squad, killing Sgt. 1stClass Chris Speer.
But what’s really making news these days is the federal government’s decision that they will allow Omar Khadr back onto Canadian soil.  Some sources estimate he could be back in Canada by the end of May; the decision rests with Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.
As noted in Ezra Levant’s newly-released The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies, and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr, most of the mainstream media has whitewashed the entire issue to turn convicted terrorist Khadr into this soft, gentle, innocent, child soldier.
But even the slightest glimpse at Khadr’s confession to the murder paints a completely different picture.  He said “the proudest moments of his life” were building and planting improvised explosive devices (IED’s) to cause pain, suffering, misery, and death.
Khadr also acknowledged he was completely free to leave the crime family business – but Omar wanted to be an even bigger, more successful terrorist than his father.  He took specialized training courses; he happily smiled at cameras filming him creating the next mechanism for destruction.
Omar admitted it was his objective “to kill many Americans,” “wherever they could be found,” and his despicable wish tragically came true when he threw that grenade at Sgt. Speer’s squad.
During his time at Guantanamo Bay he demanded olives and cheese at every meal, and later added fresh olive oil to his list of demands.  And whenever Omar was feeling down, he’d relive the tragic last minutes of Sgt. Speer’s life, and “it made him feel good.”
Omar is the son of Ahmed Khadr, one-time chief financier and terrorist for al Qaeda under Osama bin Laden, who considered Canada a “dirty swamp,” only using our great country for its free health care whenever the family needed some world-class surgery or medical assistance.
Ahmed also used our country to organize a front group to send “charitable” money from Canadians to be used by Osama bin Laden overseas.  The money, which Canadian donors were told was to “alleviate human suffering,” was used to finance terrorism, such as Ahmed Khadr’s bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Pakistan in 1995.
The Khadr’s are your textbook example of “Canadians of convenience:” they don’t care about Canada; they do not embrace Canadian values; and I doubt Ahmed’s money running and arms-dealing business in the Middle East brought anything back to Canada by means of taxes.  They lived abroad, and only returned when they needed first-class medical care or a “get out of jail free card” when captured for their illegal activities overseas.
To suggest Omar is deserving of Canadian rights suggests he’s fulfilled his responsibilities, which he clearly has not.
Levant’s book has sparked a Canadian movement to push back against the decision to repatriate the convicted murderer and terrorist.  Scarborough (where Khadr is from and where his family continues to live) resident Shobie Kapoor has created an online petition with almost 3000 signatures at the time of writing.  I encourage you to add your name at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-terrorist-omar-khadr-from-returning-to-canada.html There is also a petition with 471 signatures from November 2010, it too calling for Khadr to be barred from returning to Canada.
By comparison, only 88 signatures on a pro-Khadr petition call on the federal government to allow Khadr back into Canada. If that’s not representative democracy I don’t know what is.

Twitter also seems to have sparked @KeepKhadrOut, which has been providing information on the “real” Khadr for grounds to deny his re-entry into Canada.
Canadians have thus made it very clear convicted terrorists are not welcome in this country.  Would you feel comfortable shopping with him?  Taking a flight?  Allowing your kids near him?
Admittedly, then, the question becomes if not Canada, then where?
The response to this question has the opportunity to shift Canada’s foreign affairs and public safety policies from the Liberal immigration days of “sure, we’ll take anyone.” Refusing to accept a convicted terrorist into our borders could be just another step towards improving immigration reforms and ensuring the Canadian public can rely on the federal government for safety measures.
Where should Khadr reside? Not here.
Write to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews at Vic.Toews@parl.gc.ca; call his office at (613) 992-3128; or write to him at The Hon. Vic Toews, MP, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6 (no postage required).