Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Conservative one-year anniversary a time for reflection and celebration

It was one year ago tomorrow that Prime Minister Stephen Harper led Canadians to elect a strong, stable, national, Conservative majority government!  Canadians, faced with the clear choice between a reckless coalition bent on high-taxes and killing jobs and a Conservative government focused on creating jobs and lowering taxes, overwhelmingly elected the Conservative government with a strong mandate to fulfill those promises.
What better way to celebrate than review the list of commitments the Conservatives promised in their 2011 platform, and how those commitments are progressing:
See this great resource list I compiled here.

We see the government has done an outstanding job, with 92% of promises already completed or in discussions to be completed.

This is a government that has overwhelmingly drafted its promises and stuck to them.  Congratulations, and happy anniversary!