Monday, June 11, 2012

Can't we just declare the Opposition in Contempt of Parliament?

We all know the Opposition likes to throw around "contempt of
parliament" charges like they mean anything, so why can't Conservatives
do it back to them?

The Speaker of the House of Commons will be ruling today whether the
Opposition's over 800 amendments - over 800! - will be allowed to be
voted on individually
). Green Party MP Elizabeth May alone is
putting forth 200 amendments!

If so, MP's will be running a marathon in the House of Commons for 5
days by some estimates! Nonstop. Quorum will always be needed, as will
a majority of the votes to pass the voting on that amendment.

The NDP admits this is just partisan gamesmanship. It's gamesmanship
that puts Canadians and Canada's economy at risk at a fragile time.
Everyday the NDP delays this bill is another day Canadians don't receive
Budget 2012's numerous tax breaks.

I thought the NDP cared for blue-collar, average Canadians, but it's
clear from this posturing their only objective is to play to their big
union donors.

But wait.

NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen admits his party is going to "use
whatever means necessary" to delay the passage of the bill
). The Liberals too are using the same stalling tactics to
delay the bill, and even Elizabeth May admitted "there is nothing I
won't do" to stop the budget from passing

Keep in mind, regardless of what games the Opposition want to play with
Canadians' hard-earned money, the bill will pass!

What's the definition of Contempt of Parliament again? Oh, right:
"interference with parliamentary privilege and of certain acts that
obstruct the house and its members in their business."

Enough said. Let's introduce a motion to find the NDP, Liberals, and
Green Party in contempt of parliament, but instead of forcing an
election, they get to rise for the summer early and go back to their

Then the government can get back to work on creating jobs and ensuring
Canada's economy remains the best in the world.