Friday, June 15, 2012

A short but important correction for Maclean's

Published in Maclean's Magazine, June 25, 2012 edition

Letter writer Gloria Thompson states that Alberta’s oil sands profits “are kept within Alberta and are only for Albertans” (Letters, June 11, 2012).  This is incorrect.  In fact, Alberta sends over $21 billion per year to the federal government, which translates into $5700 being taken from every Albertan man, woman, and child.  This money is then given to provinces like Quebec and the formerly great Ontario.  Canadians are also flocking to Alberta’s oil sands in the thousands, sometimes sending this money back home to their families on the East coast and other times moving their families to Alberta.  Ironically, it’s Alberta’s oil sands that are subsidizing the selfish Quebec students.  Thompson should recognize Alberta is leading the way while Canada’s two formerly great “have” provinces make reckless and short-sighted policy decisions, like Dalton McGuinty’s relentless tax hikes and Quebec’s $7-a-day daycare.