Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who is Canada's real Official Opposition?

I just love being able to predict what the NDP's lines of attack will be during Question Period based on what's trending in the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail or the CBC.

Take today, for example.

Mulcair rose to acknowledge Prime Minister Harper's tireless work to get Canada a seat at the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.  But at what cost? Mulcair asked again and again.  Did we sell out our freshwater?  Did we end our supply management protection of eggs?  Are we protecting our milk supply management system? Did we sell out our manufacturing sector?  Sell out human rights standards? [I'm paraphrasing]

Strange, because that's almost exactly what the leading left-wing news agencies asked, too, just hours before  Question Period.

The Toronto Star pondered "what's behind?" the TPP talks?  Then the Star asked "now what? Does it mean the beginning of the end of this country’s decades-old milk supply management system?"

The Winnipeg Free Press questioned whether "the price of admission" was "too costly."  Did Harper "panic" and "give too much away?"

And the Globe and Mail, echoing the fourth example of the NDP blatantly following their media friends' stories, questioned "at what cost" we joined talks; including, oh, look, "Canada’s protection of its dairy, poultry and egg industries from foreign competition."

When the Opposition picks their lines of attack based on what their friends in the Media Party are reporting that day, it's a good day for the Conservatives.  It's also a good day for Canadians, knowing they can easily ignore Parliament for the next 3 years and just read the morning headlines of your typical leftist newspaper.

Let's test my theory: dumpster-diving "journalist" Glen McGregor, who has a colourful history of accurately reporting facts (take the robocall debate), just broke the story that Jenni Byrne received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General.  Byrne is a high-ranking government leader who recently ran a multi-million dollar national election campaign.  And yes, she happens to be Conservative, but who cares?  The Governor General felt she met the criteria laid out for awarding this medal: that she was a Canadian who “made a significant contribution to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or an achievement abroad that brings credit to Canada.”

But since when is being Conservative an issue worth media attention? (Yes, rhetorical question, I know: I was fired from the Toronto Star for being a Conservative)

But hey, this story is catchy.  Social media is already exploding with accusations of patronage and corruption and questioning whether Mrs. Byrne really deserved this award.

So here's my prediction: Thomas Mulcair rises during tomorrow's Question Period to condemn the government's "corrupt" "patronage" to have the audacity to reward a hard-working female in a male-dominated profession in the Queen's name.  In fact, this shows how the Governor General is just a corrupted figurehead who operates under the whim of Prime Minister Harper.  And why did the Prime Minister meet with the Queen in private, anyway?  I bet she's in on the whole thing!  So, it's clear from yet another scandal, that it's time to end ties with the monarchy!

What do you think?