Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The largest case of elections financing fraud in Canadian history

The largest case of elections financing fraud in Canadian history has just been uncovered.

Over $344,000 was illegally donated to a certain political party in exchange for a “sponsorship” with that political party.

You’re probably saying “I’ve already heard this story! It broke months ago! It was those pesky Conservatives and that ‘in-and-out’ scandal.”

But it wasn’t.

“Oh, well then it was those evil Conservative robocalls!”

But it wasn’t.

It was really none other than Canada’s socialist party – known as Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrat Party.

The NDP was caught following a complaint to Elections Canada, but now the NDP thinks they can just ignorantly proclaim “oops! We didn’t know!” without letting Canadians know the full story of what that money bought.

When the Conservative government came to power it banned contributions from big unions and corporations following the Liberal corruption scandal.  Legally, only individuals can donate up to $1200 per year.

But that’s not acceptable to the NDP: they have the lowest income from donations and the lowest number of donors of the big three political parties.  Even the Liberals, with a third of the seats of the NDP, raise more money from more people.

So the NDP chose to go the illegal route, and asked unions such as the Public Service Alliance, Labour Congress, Union of Public Employees, and Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union to “sponsor” their party’s national convention.

Until the complaint to Elections Canada, the NDP had over $344,000 in dirty money sitting in their bank.

But this wasn’t even all of the money – there’s more money from other “sponsorships” still out there, and the NDP certainly gained interest while their dirty money sat in the bank.

We already know the Liberals have just been fined for illegal robocalls, yet that story has also gone unreported except for a few true newspapers – your Prince Arthur Herald included.

Canadians deserve to know what influence in Thomas Mulcair’s party was bought for $344,000.  How many meetings did Mulcair have with union leaders?  What kind of favours is Mulcair doing for his union buddies?

The Liberals have been caught breaking the law yet again – six years after they were booted from office for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers – and now the NDP have been caught funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from their left-wing union friends directly into Mulcair’s NDP bank account.

The Conservative choice – the choice of low taxes, less government, a strong military, and, most importantly, tough anti-corruption rules - is looking better and better every day.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six years after AdScam, dirty Liberal Party tricks continue

It’s been over six years since the Liberal Party was swiftly booted from office for widespread corruption and misuse of taxpayers’ money.

From 1996 to 2004, the Liberals operated a “sponsorship program” which was officially intended to boast the federal government’s presence in Quebec following two referendum questions on whether Quebec should leave the union.

But instead of promoting federalism and bringing Quebec back into the union, over $100 million of taxpayers’ money went to line the friends of the Liberal Party.

They added $250,000 to the price of one contract, even though no additional work was done. They paid $1.5 million for work that was never done.  And they paid their friends at Groupaction $550,000 for a report that was never seen and could never be found.

But these outright illegal dirty Liberal tricks did not stop when they lost government.

On Friday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) fined Guelph Liberal MP Frank Valeroite $4,900 and ordered him to undertake a “comprehensive compliance program” for illegal robocalls (

To be clear, automated messages are not illegal.  But the CRTC said the Liberal calls were illegal because they:

1.      Did not identify on whose behalf they were calling;
2.      Did not display a call-back number; and
3.      Did not identify how the person receiving the message could contact the entity sending the message

Wait a minute, I thought it was those big scary Conservatives who were being investigated for the same thing?

Turns out I was wrong.

After months of left-wing organizations banding together to make baseless allegations, not one person has come forward to say his or her right to vote was denied by a misleading robocall.  And the star witness for the left-wing Council of Canadians, a call centre employee who mysteriously validated everything the Council was saying, was revealed to be a liar, contradicted by her own calling record (

 How many hundreds of thousands – if not millions - of taxpayers’ dollars have been wasted in this anti-Conservative witch hunt?

It’s clear now the media and Elections Canada should have been focusing on corruption in the Liberal Party rather than the Conservatives, who brought in tough anti-corruption legislation.

The same party, who just six years ago, stole over $100 million of taxpayers’ money to give to their friends.

The Liberals, who have never repaid $100 million+ the money they stole from Canadians, just don’t learn.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Liberals caught red-handed in robocall scandal

Well, whatd'ya know?

Following months of baseless smear allegations against the Conservative Party, it turns out the illegal robocalls in Guelph were coming from the Liberals all along!

Today the CRTC announced the Guelph Liberal Association was in violation of CRTC telecommunications rules, fining them $4,900 and forcing the currently-sitting Liberal MP to undertake a "comprehensive compliance program."

How far did these illegal activities reach? How many votes were improperly swayed as a result of this illegal behaviour? Who in the Liberal leadership was involved?  And, most importantly, when is the Guelph byelection?

Let's see how long it takes for this inconvenient fact to appear in the Toronto Star, CBC, or Globe and Mail...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Crucial robocall claimant revealed to be a liar

Does the name Annette Desgagne ring a bell?

She's the call centre worker who was conscripted to the pro-robocall conspiracy side.  As a former employee of Responsive Marketing Group (RMG), a call centre doing calls for the Conservative Party during the last election, Desgagne approached dumpster-diving "journalists" Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor with stunning revelations.

Desgagne alleged that she was ordered to deliberately mislead voters by calling and telling them their polling station had changed.  She even put these allegations in writing, filing an affidavit for the pro-robocall conspiracy Council of Canadians.

It's pretty convincing and convenient, especially for the "journalists" who have been attempting to ram this non-existent scandal down our throats for months now without the slightest shred of evidence.

But she made it all up!

Andrew Langhorne, Chief Operating Officer of RMG, released a detailed affidavit of his own yesterday, including the actual scripts Desgagne and her fellow employees were told to use.

Neither RMG nor the Conservatives ever told call centre employees to contact non-supporters, and it was always clear that the caller was to immediately identify themselves as calling from the Conservative Party. In fact, the entire script was:

“Hi, I’m calling for (name from list),”
“This is (first name) with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives."
"Your candidate (Candidate name) asked me to call you.”
"Elections Canada has changed some voting locations at the last moment,”

at which point the caller asked the voter to verify the information on their voter information card, and if the information was different, the voter was told the new polling address.

Of course, Elections Canada did change some polling locations, and these calls only went to Conservative supporters, meaning it was in the Conservatives' interest to give accurate information.

In fact, RMG has tracked and listened to Desgagne's calls, and in the 20 calls she made she stuck to the script!  Even in Desgagne's affidavit she acknowledges her fellow employees were going off script without manager or Conservative Party approval (page 4).

So we have a call centre employee who followed her script and did nothing wrong.  Yet when the fake story broke that the election was unfair, Desgagne surely saw dollar signs.

Was she approached by the Council of Canadians? The NDP? The Liberal Party? Another left-wing front group? As an RMG employee involved in the 2011 election, was she paid to file a bogus affidavit to support a bogus lawsuit just to stir up headlines and bonus cheques for Maher and McGregor?

This fake "scandal" has been dead since it broke headlines. These are the real questions that need answering now.

Canada sending 500 observers to monitor Ukraine election - who could be against that?

... Well, your left-wing media, of course!

Today, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that Canada would be sending 500 independent, impartial observers for the upcoming Ukraine election.

And what a better contribution to world equality and democracy than for Canadians, who live in a free and democratic nation, to ensure that same democracy is carried out in Ukraine?

Indeed, the government of Canada has deployed over 1600 Canadians around the world to monitor elections in various countries, from Lebanon to Gaza to Libya to Iraq.  (And we've assisted in Ukrainian elections before.)

Yet, what better way to crash the party than with a ridiculous question from a Toronto Star reporter, who had the audacity to ask Minister Kenney

"Why isn't it ironic that you are offering erection [a deliberate slip of the tongue?] election help when your government is currently facing an election scandal in the Supreme Court right now?"

In yet another deliberate leftist attempt to blur the lines, this reporter is clearly attempting to merge two completely different cases into a convenient one-sentence lie:

  1. There is no "election scandal" being appealed by the government in the Supreme Court.  What is at the Supreme Court is an appeal by Liberal candidate Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who lost to incumbent Conservative MP Ted Opitz before it turned out that Elections Canada was allowing invalid voting procedures.  The election is now being challenged, and even the Liberal candidate is questioning whether Elections Canada (not the government) deliberately mislead and withheld information from the Supreme Court.
  2. Of course, there's the long-dead fake "robocall" scandal.  Our typical Toronto Star reporter seems to be deliberately attempting to suggest it is this "scandal" which is before the Supreme Court, even though this dreamed-up fantasy has been dead since it started.
But these are just facts, and they're far too inconvenient for Canada's left-wing media.  Canada, of course, is ranked as a fully legitimate and entrenched democracy by the independent Economist Intelligence Unit, while Ukraine recently slipped from being a "flawed regime" closer to an "authoritarian regime."

The best response came from the minister himself:

"Anyone who suggests there is any parallel between the Canadian electoral system and the current situation in Ukraine has a deeply distorted perception of reality.”