Friday, August 10, 2012

Canada sending 500 observers to monitor Ukraine election - who could be against that?

... Well, your left-wing media, of course!

Today, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that Canada would be sending 500 independent, impartial observers for the upcoming Ukraine election.

And what a better contribution to world equality and democracy than for Canadians, who live in a free and democratic nation, to ensure that same democracy is carried out in Ukraine?

Indeed, the government of Canada has deployed over 1600 Canadians around the world to monitor elections in various countries, from Lebanon to Gaza to Libya to Iraq.  (And we've assisted in Ukrainian elections before.)

Yet, what better way to crash the party than with a ridiculous question from a Toronto Star reporter, who had the audacity to ask Minister Kenney

"Why isn't it ironic that you are offering erection [a deliberate slip of the tongue?] election help when your government is currently facing an election scandal in the Supreme Court right now?"

In yet another deliberate leftist attempt to blur the lines, this reporter is clearly attempting to merge two completely different cases into a convenient one-sentence lie:

  1. There is no "election scandal" being appealed by the government in the Supreme Court.  What is at the Supreme Court is an appeal by Liberal candidate Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who lost to incumbent Conservative MP Ted Opitz before it turned out that Elections Canada was allowing invalid voting procedures.  The election is now being challenged, and even the Liberal candidate is questioning whether Elections Canada (not the government) deliberately mislead and withheld information from the Supreme Court.
  2. Of course, there's the long-dead fake "robocall" scandal.  Our typical Toronto Star reporter seems to be deliberately attempting to suggest it is this "scandal" which is before the Supreme Court, even though this dreamed-up fantasy has been dead since it started.
But these are just facts, and they're far too inconvenient for Canada's left-wing media.  Canada, of course, is ranked as a fully legitimate and entrenched democracy by the independent Economist Intelligence Unit, while Ukraine recently slipped from being a "flawed regime" closer to an "authoritarian regime."

The best response came from the minister himself:

"Anyone who suggests there is any parallel between the Canadian electoral system and the current situation in Ukraine has a deeply distorted perception of reality.”