Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The largest case of elections financing fraud in Canadian history

The largest case of elections financing fraud in Canadian history has just been uncovered.

Over $344,000 was illegally donated to a certain political party in exchange for a “sponsorship” with that political party.

You’re probably saying “I’ve already heard this story! It broke months ago! It was those pesky Conservatives and that ‘in-and-out’ scandal.”

But it wasn’t.

“Oh, well then it was those evil Conservative robocalls!”

But it wasn’t.

It was really none other than Canada’s socialist party – known as Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrat Party.

The NDP was caught following a complaint to Elections Canada, but now the NDP thinks they can just ignorantly proclaim “oops! We didn’t know!” without letting Canadians know the full story of what that money bought.

When the Conservative government came to power it banned contributions from big unions and corporations following the Liberal corruption scandal.  Legally, only individuals can donate up to $1200 per year.

But that’s not acceptable to the NDP: they have the lowest income from donations and the lowest number of donors of the big three political parties.  Even the Liberals, with a third of the seats of the NDP, raise more money from more people.

So the NDP chose to go the illegal route, and asked unions such as the Public Service Alliance, Labour Congress, Union of Public Employees, and Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union to “sponsor” their party’s national convention.

Until the complaint to Elections Canada, the NDP had over $344,000 in dirty money sitting in their bank.

But this wasn’t even all of the money – there’s more money from other “sponsorships” still out there, and the NDP certainly gained interest while their dirty money sat in the bank.

We already know the Liberals have just been fined for illegal robocalls, yet that story has also gone unreported except for a few true newspapers – your Prince Arthur Herald included.

Canadians deserve to know what influence in Thomas Mulcair’s party was bought for $344,000.  How many meetings did Mulcair have with union leaders?  What kind of favours is Mulcair doing for his union buddies?

The Liberals have been caught breaking the law yet again – six years after they were booted from office for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers – and now the NDP have been caught funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from their left-wing union friends directly into Mulcair’s NDP bank account.

The Conservative choice – the choice of low taxes, less government, a strong military, and, most importantly, tough anti-corruption rules - is looking better and better every day.

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