Friday, September 7, 2012

Disgraced Liberal Guelph MP slips, admits his party targeted Conservatives with robocalls

The plot thickens against the disgraced Liberal MP for Guelph after being fined and admitting to participating in illegal robocalls.

In this interview with Sun News, Frank Valeriote has quite the revealing slip as he's being interviewed:

Krista Erickson: Why, Mr. Valeriote, did you feel an apology was necessary?

Valeriote: Because we've made a mistake and, through inadvertance, we broke some of the CRTC rules - specifically, the requirement to include a phone number and an address in the message.

Erickson: When you say through inadvertance that you made that mistake, what exactly do you mean? What was done inadvertently?

Valeriote: Mr. Ignatieff had visited [Guelph] that morning and some campaign team members felt it necessary to respond to some very negative characterizations of a position that I had taken on an election issue and to clarify the position the Conservative candidate had taken and as I understand it in that confusion and chaos they sent a message to a number of Conservative... er sorry... a number of voters in Guelph, of all parties frankly, and in doing so and in haste they left off the phone number, address, and on whose behalf the call was being made.

Was this a Freudian slip as Valeriote quickly realized he mistakenly told the Sun what actually happened on that day in the Guelph Liberal campaign office?  More importantly, how did the Liberal campaign have the data to exclusively call Conservative supporters, unless their party had connections in a Conservative office or was able to obtain Conservative ID documents?

We already know Valeriote is guilty of the illegal robocalls he's admitted to and for which he's been fined - but how deep does his involvement go in such illegal activity?