Thursday, September 13, 2012

When political correctness goes too far...

... This happens:

According to the Durham Regional School Board, every corner of our society has been using bigoted, hateful, archaic language.

No longer are Foremen Foremen... they're Supervisors.
No longer are Janitors Janitors... they're Custodians.
No longer is mankind mankind... we're humankind.
No longer do employers calculate "man hours" or "manpower"
No longer are children asked "is your mom or dad home?" Instead, use "is your parent or guardian home?"
No longer are they "husband" or "wife" or boyfriend or girlfriend. They're simply "spouse" or "partner."
No longer should we address groups as "ladies and gentlemen."

What really bothers me is that accepting these guidelines is apparently the only way to become "culturally proficient." Otherwise, you could be labelled "culturally destructive" or "culturally blind." Sorry Durham, but sometimes the "differences between cultures" are not positive and they're certainly not "honourable" as you suggest. Simple as that.

... Seriously.  Is this really what a School Board should be concerned with when only 41% of their students are meeting provincial math standards?