Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another "Gotcha!" Moment. Oh, wait

It's another "Gotcha!" moment by Canada's dumpster-diving reporters:

"Several people listed as donors to a Conservative riding association in Montreal say they did not make the donations attributed to them by the party."

Oh, wait:

"The federal Conservative Party on Friday produced copies of cheques for seven donors from a Montreal riding association who earlier had told Postmedia News they did not contribute to the party.

One businessman who earlier told Postmedia News that he hadn’t donated to a Conservative riding association was able to recall his donation after Postmedia News published a story on Friday."

(H/T: BC Blue)

So much for another have-not scandal.  Isn't it amazing, even with all these false controversies and unproven allegations, that this summary, written 9 months ago, is still the only substantive true information we have on this fake witch hunt?

But seriously, how desperate are you to find any impropriety that you're shopping through the Elections Canada contributions database, somehow finding those individuals' addresses or phone numbers, contacting them, then running to your computer when someone doesn't remember a donation they made two years ago?  They're not even dumpster diving properly!