Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ottawa's light rail project finally off the ground

First, let me state that it's excellent to see progress finally being made on Ottawa's light rail project.

However... for a $2.13 billion, 5-year project, why wouldn't it at least connect Kanata and Orleans?  Not to mention leaving out Rockcliffe and Gatineau in the north, and South Keys and Manotick in the south.

As it stands now, all this route does is replicate the existing Transitway in an attempt to relieve stress from the downtown core.

With 30 trains on the tracks at all times (increasing to 55 by 2031), and a one-way trip from Tunney's Pasture to Blair Station taking less than 24 minutes, is there any reason why at least a few trains wouldn't run further north, south, east, and west?

What are your thoughts?  Is this proposal sufficient?