Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The cost of satisfying the Opposition's demands

Is the Opposition asking legitimate questions, or are they purposely asking unanswerable questions to waste taxpayers' money and the government's time?

It takes the government roughly $60 per hour per person to research Opposition questions.  Some Opposition questions are purposely lengthy, sometimes listing over 100 sub-questions within a single question, according to Parliamentary Secretary Kellie Leitch.

The highlights:
Liberal MP David McGuinty on library funding: $6,000
NDP MP Peter Stoffer on IT spending: $15,733
Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux on announcement backdrops: $15,358 (a total of $46,228 including 3 other questions he asked)
NDP MP Alexandrine Latendresse on government letterhead: $21,600 (a total of $39,000 including 2 other questions he asked)

And, the whopper... Liberal MP Frank Valeriote on vehicle procurement policies: $150,000

Should the Opposition be allowed to waste taxpayers' money as they please?  Is asking this question an "attack on democracy" or an attempt to put a price on the Opposition's obstructive and wasteful process?