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Monday, January 14, 2013

Accomplishments of the Harper-aboriginal chiefs meeting

From iPolitics:

  • Commitment to a high-level process on treaty implementation.
  • Commitment to speed up resolutions of land claims and affirmation of inherent rights.
  • Designate decision-makers within the Privy Council Office to specifically oversee the Crown-First Nation relationship.
Much consensus
  • Harper agreed talks on resource equity should be part of the high-level process on treaty implementation, but also need to include provinces.
  • Make funding for First Nations sustainable, in line with growth of the population. Harper agreed this would be part of the treaty and comprehensive land claims discussions.
  • Guarantee schools for every First Nation. Harper agreed education is important but didn’t make firm commitments.
Some consensus
  • All legislation needs to be compatible with indigenous rights, and the parts of Harper’s budget omnibus bills that contravene aboriginal rights need to be repealed. Harper agreed the government has a duty to consult with First Nations, but will not repeal the omnibus bills.
  • Set up a public commission to focus on murdered and missing aboriginal women.