Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Letter to President Runte

Make your voice known as well: Presidents_Office@carleton.ca

Dear President Runte,

As a proud Carleton alumni, I was shocked and disgusted to learn of the oppressive anti-freedom actions taken by one individual in the UniCentre atrium late yesterday evening.

This individual, who has since posted a public letter taunting you to punish him, has destroyed a campus association’s private property and negated the free expression of hundreds of students who chose to express themselves on the free speech wall.

I trust that the university will be completely supportive of the campus club restoring and proudly displaying their private property in the atrium, and in continuing to solicit the right of individuals to openly and freely express themselves.

Furthermore, I trust that the university will work closely with campus police and, if necessary, the Ottawa Police to determine whether criminal charges for mischief, destruction of property, and vandalism are warranted.  Also, your office should immediately discuss this matter with the University Provost and Associate Vice President (Student Support Services) to determine whether these actions contravened the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Finally, as this individual has publicly promised to destroy a replacement free speech wall if one is put up, I believe the university should proactively post campus police or a private security company to the UniCentre atrium to ensure this mischief does not repeat itself.

Carleton University should stand behind its students' right to free speech and free expression.  I trust that your office will take the appropriate course of action, and I would appreciate a response when that action is taken.


Daniel Dickin
B.A. Law, 2011

UPDATE: response on January 23, 2013:

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your message.  I appreciate your having brought  this matter to my attention.  I will insure that it is immediately investigated.
Sincerely yours,
Roseann O’Reilly Runte