Monday, February 11, 2013

Have robo-costs tripled in the past 5 months?

On September 5, 2012, Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor reported the cost of the robocalls investigation was "only" $240,000.  That included "casual employees, investigators, and other expenses" since the story broke in February 2012.  This was broken down into $83,000 for 13 casual employees to handle "the influx of calls," $95,523 for John Dickson, a private contractor and former RCMP investigator, $10,421 to Thomas Ritchie, $19,313 to Andre Thouin, and $2619 to have Bell Canada set up this basic HTML webpage.

Yet, as I've clearly shown, the bill to-date is $780,000 and counting.

Why the difference?  Did Elections Canada release different data to Maher and McGregor versus to me?  Or have the costs really tripled in the course of five short months?