Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elections Canada response to Access to Information request

Ever since I uncovered the disturbing bias present in individuals hired to investigate the “robocalls” during the 41st election, I’ve received hundreds of emails from people demanding I further dig into what's really going on in the “robocalls” investigation.

You asked for it and Elections Canada has responded.

My questions were:

1. A list of all individuals and companies hired for the "robocalls” investigation;

2. The addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of these companies or individuals;

3. The documentation provided to Elections Canada to facilitate the hiring of these individuals and companies;

4. The reasoning by Elections Canada for hiring these individuals and companies;

5. The reasoning by Elections Canada for paying these individuals and companies the contracted amounts, usually in the amount of $78.444.35; and

6. Whether any individuals or companies hired for the "robocalls" investigations have been fired, terminated, disciplined, or other subject to negative employment action, and the reason for this action."

Did Elections Canada respond to these requests openly and transparently? Do their answers go far enough?

Stay tuned TOMORROW to find out!