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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Questions for Justin Trudeau

"Pierre Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, for better or worse, depending on how you feel, smoked hashish, and his son has smoked with me four or five times, so it really pisses me off when I see Justin Trudeau, who took big gaggers with me, is in parliament, actually voting for Bill C-15."
- Marc Emery

Questions for Justin Trudeau:

1. Are the claims above true?

2. If so, did Justin Trudeau accept that his drug use was in direct contravention of Canadian law?

3. Did the Liberal Party of Canada leadership know there were allegations of illegal drug use against their star candidate?

4. Did the Liberal Party of Canada voting membership know at least one candidate had allegations of illegal drug use?

5. Will the Liberal Party of Canada support their leader, a supposed "Prime Minister-in waiting" with allegations of illegal drug use behind him?

And finally, for the RCMP: will the RCMP investigate the allegations made against Justin Trudeau?