Monday, September 23, 2013

Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Army Run

Here's Justin Trudeau taking part in the 2013 Canadian Army Run in Ottawa, Ontario with former Army Commander Andrew Leslie:

What a great guy eh? Clearly supports our military, supports veterans, and is willing to put some sweat equity into showing he cares about them!

Not so fast.

They were running the 5km course, as Trudeau acknowledges here:

You can clearly see Trudeau's bib number is 20603 and Leslie's is 18042.  The official results are posted at Here's Leslie:

But... well isn't that strange? There seems to be absolutely no record of a Justin Trudeau ever completing the Canadian Army Run, nor is there any record of bib 20603.

What's going on here? Did Trudeau mysteriously not finish the race?  Or was this just a cheap photo op, where he took a staffer's bib, threw it on for a photo or two, then left?  Some supporter of Canada's military.

H/T BC Blue

Update September 25, 2013: apparently even making this suggestion makes me a conspiracy theorist!