Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NDP Hypocrisy 101

Nathan Cullen, August 2013: complains prorogation quashes all bills currently on the House of Commons floor.

"Cullen says important legislation will be pushed back or killed entirely by the delay but he doesn't know yet what items will be affected.

He hopes the government will bring items of importance to the region back without a fight.

"We expect them to do the right thing and bring some of those items back and continue where they were. So things like missing aboriginal women, the war vetrens inquiry and those things we expect to see back. They get delayed though. They do get delayed, they lose time and that's unfortunate."

Nathan Cullen, October 2013: complains about a motion that would restore those bills right back to where they were before prorogation.

... Wow, they really don't seem to be trying any more.