Saturday, November 30, 2013

Letter praising McGuinty's bill came from known Liberal donor

Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty recently introduced a private members’ bill to combat “partisan government advertising.”  The Ottawa Citizen’s editorial board praised McGuinty for his bill, even though the proposed legislation is redundant and neither McGuinty nor the editorial board can name even one instance of “partisan government advertising.”

The Citizen also published a letter to the editor congratulating McGuinty, from who you would expect is your average citizen happy their MP is actually doing something. (McGuinty only showed up to work for 63 days in all of 2012, and he’s aiming to beat that record in 2013 with only 39 days so far.)

Except it’s not.  The letter is Astroturf.  The letter is from a known Liberal supporter.

Taymaz has personally contributed to McGuinty’s riding association.  He’s hardly a neutral commenter when it comes to praising McGuinty’s work.

Here’s the donation data from Elections Canada:

Why did the Ottawa Citizen fail to include this information in the original letter to the editor?

Update: here’s the Ottawa Citizen in some more hot water, this time for publishing an op ed by someone who “worked for” minister Peter Kent, when actually they may have been a volunteer.  Maybe.

Letter to the EMC Ottawa South

Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty has introduced a private members bill to combat "partisan political advertising masquerading as vital government information."

Unfortunately, McGuinty fails to name even one instance of federal government advertising that is inherently partisan.

Surely we can agree that the federal government has a duty to communicate with Canadians on where the government's roughly $300 billion annual budget is being spent.  Even if we accept McGuinty's figures that the federal government spent $548.6 million between 2006 and 2012 on government advertising, that's only 0.03% of the $1.8 trillion the federal government spent in that same time frame.

Many of those ads were indeed advertising the Economic Action Plan, the federal stimulus package aimed at combating what is now known as “the Great Recession.”  Since our federal government was plunging Canada into deficit spending, didn’t they have a duty to communicate with us on where the deficit spending was going?

I found it refreshing to see signs throughout Ottawa that demonstrated the federal government was investing right here in our communities: in roads, community centres, seniors programs, jobs training, and more.  Those signs provided a vital service.  Not once did they communicate a “partisan” message, even though we know the government’s Economic Action Plan was routinely voted against by NDP and Liberal MPs, McGuinty included.

What’s more likely is that McGuinty, threatened by being defeated in the 2015 election and only having shown up to work for just 39 days in all of 2013, felt the need to actually do his job once in a while – even if it means producing a redundant private members bill.

Daniel Dickin
Ottawa South Resident

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trudeau hides sexual harassment complaint

Justin Trudeau was either out of the loop or purposely covered up a sexual harassment complaint against Liberal Senator Colin Kenny.

This just in

"Relevant and resonating across the country" = retaining two seats you already held in Toronto (for the past 20 years) and Montreal (for the past 16 years)...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Like father, like son

"The philosophy of the Liberal Party is very simple - say anything, think anything, or better still, do not think at all, but put us in power because it is we who can govern the best."

- Pierre Trudeau, Cite Libre, 1963

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kinsella agrees it's wrong for Wynne to be supporting federal Liberal byelection

Back in the summer during the Ontario byelections, former Chretien Liberal staffer Warren Kinsella complained federal Conservative staffers were helping provincial Conservatives.

And yet, now in November during the federal byelections, here are some provincial Liberals helping out the federal Liberals:

Will Warren Kinsella show the same outrage?

Update 12:45pm: yes, yes he will.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That small little detail on the Senate everyone seems to be missing

The Opposition and media parties were at it again today, once again trying ever so desperately to pin any Senate issues personally on the Prime Minister.

Their latest comes from a production order filed by RCMP Cpl Horton, which the Opposition and media are using to claim that the Prime Minister had first hand knowledge of the affair.

But perhaps they missed this part:

"I have seen no evidence the Prime Minister was involved in having Sen Duffy's legal bills paid" (page 70)

Oh, right. Well... what's next?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mayoral powers removed by Council

The laundry list of powers removed from the Toronto mayor's office yesterday includes:

  • Office budget slashed by 60%
  • Staff likely cut back from 20 to 8
  • Deputy mayor now controls staffing
  • Ability to speak first, last at agenda
  • Right to designate key items
  • Ford no longer chair of own executive committee
See here for Council's voting records.

Justin Trudeau opens up about policy

Justin Trudeau has finally opened up about something other than legalizing currently illegal drugs.

... Oh... well that wasn't exactly what I had in mind...

Oh, hypocrisy


Statement by PM regarding Rob Ford allegations

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office responded to the Rob Ford allegations currently seizing Toronto's every waking moment.

Trudeau's Ladies Night

One organizer of Justin Trudeau's "ladies' night" is complaining about the "ugly politics" spearheaded by an "aggressive, Conservative partisan agenda."

Apparently, this was a rude wake-up call to a previously non-partisan citizen about how patronizing women can quickly backfire against your own party and its Messiah.

Wynne loves running

I found it odd when the Ontario Liberals released an ad that started with Wynne admitting "I love running."

And sure enough, here's the Ontario PC's slight tweak to the Wynne ad:

Bring Back Merry Christmas

A worthy cause with the simple goal of proving that it's okay to say "Merry Christmas."