Saturday, November 30, 2013

Letter praising McGuinty's bill came from known Liberal donor

Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty recently introduced a private members’ bill to combat “partisan government advertising.”  The Ottawa Citizen’s editorial board praised McGuinty for his bill, even though the proposed legislation is redundant and neither McGuinty nor the editorial board can name even one instance of “partisan government advertising.”

The Citizen also published a letter to the editor congratulating McGuinty, from who you would expect is your average citizen happy their MP is actually doing something. (McGuinty only showed up to work for 63 days in all of 2012, and he’s aiming to beat that record in 2013 with only 39 days so far.)

Except it’s not.  The letter is Astroturf.  The letter is from a known Liberal supporter.

Taymaz has personally contributed to McGuinty’s riding association.  He’s hardly a neutral commenter when it comes to praising McGuinty’s work.

Here’s the donation data from Elections Canada:

Why did the Ottawa Citizen fail to include this information in the original letter to the editor?

Update: here’s the Ottawa Citizen in some more hot water, this time for publishing an op ed by someone who “worked for” minister Peter Kent, when actually they may have been a volunteer.  Maybe.