Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crime is enveloping Ottawa South - where are our elected leaders?

For the past several weeks, Ottawa South has been enveloped in a serious crime wave.

Since Halloween there have been 11 robberies in the South Keys area, many of them involving a perpetrator threatening to use a handgun.  On November 25 a woman disembarking a bus at South Keys station was grabbed and had her personal belongings stolen.

Gun crimes are rampant.  On November 11 8 to 10 shots were fired near Lorry Greenberg and Hunt Club.  On November 19, at least 12 shots were fired near Montreal Road.  On November 26, shots were fired into the high rise apartments on Cedarwood Drive.  And on December 2, at least 10 shots were fired at a man sitting in his car on Industrial Ave.

Where are our elected representatives?

To her credit, city councillor Diane Deans held a community town hall meeting at the Lorry Greenberg Community Centre.  On November 27, councillor Deans asked the Ottawa Chief of Police to join her in quelling residents’ fears and explaining the way forward.  Unfortunately, any form of minutes, press release, or general information on the substance of that meeting has yet to be released.

And what about provincial Liberal MPP John Fraser and federal Liberal MP David McGuinty?  Both have been completely mute about the crime wave sweeping through their ridings, terrifying residents in all corners.

Fraser has lots on his website about his party's plans to raise hydro rates by 42 percent, but nothing about this crime wave.  McGuinty hasn’t used social media since being re-elected in 2011 – not a single tweet in over 2 and a half years – and rarely updates his website.

Now more than ever, Ottawa South needs competent and responsive provincial and federal leaders.  In this desperate time of need, we’re not getting either from Fraser or McGuinty.