Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Liberal Party response on Zach Paikin

Here's the response from the Liberal Party of Canada on Zach Paikin's announcement:

Received March 19, 2014:

"Mr. Trudeau has publicly committed to holding open nominations across the country and in all 338 ridings. Let us be clear, open nominations allow local community members, and not the Leader, to choose the candidate. This does not, however, mean that everyone is entitled to be a Liberal candidate, regardless of what they do or how they or their campaign teams behave, especially with volunteers. The green light process, run by each province or territories' co-chairs, is seized with ensuring a fair process for all contestants for nomination. We are focused on building a new kind of party - one that works together in collegiality and with respect.

In the case of Zach Paikin, the decision to file his papers to run to be a contestant in a nomination is ultimately his to make."