Friday, April 18, 2014

Daniel Dickin to publish book on the record of Ontario's Liberals under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne


On October 2, 2003, Ontario's very way of life would change forever. On that night, Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty was elected as Ontario's 24th Premier. Ontario would never be the same. When Dalton McGuinty was elected Premier, Ontario was hijacked.

McGuinty was elected on the promise that he would not raise taxes, yet only a few months later he introduced the $900 annual health tax. Ontario's debt almost doubled under Dalton McGuinty's Liberals. McGuinty ran the largest deficit in Ontario's history, beating even the record of NDP Premier Bob Rae. The Liberals ran on a platform of transparency, accountability, and honesty, only to have every government decision shrouded in secrecy. While they did run three years of small surplus budgets, they were done thanks to the very tax hikes McGuinty promised he would not implement.

Billions of dollars were wasted under McGuinty's watch. The McGuinty government wasted over $1 billion on the eHealth scandal. They wasted millions of dollars on a Liberal slush fund. They spent billions bailing out automotive companies. And they wasted another $1.1 billion on the infamous cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

But McGuinty's hijacking is not just defined in economic terms. While Ontarians were out of work and looking to their government, all McGuinty cared about was lavish wage and bonus increases for the select few unionized employees and Liberal “consultants” and “advisors.” The Liberal government banned things Ontarians never asked to be banned, it taxed things that didn't need to be taxed, and it invested billions of dollars in unproven and expensive green energy experiments. They introduced a radical sex education curriculum for eight year-olds.

Despite this clear, disastrous record, no author has written a book detailing this legacy. Until now. In meticulous detail, Daniel Dickin chronicles the McGuinty hijacking of Ontario. Starting with the fall of the Progressive Conservative's Big Blue Machine in the 1980s, Dickin writes about the temporary hijacking Ontario went through under Liberal and New Democrat governments, only to be returned to its former prosperity under Premier Mike Harris. However, with the retirement of Mike Harris and Ernie Eves being elected as his replacement, Dalton McGuinty would become Ontario's Premier a short time later.

When Kathleen Wynne was elected the new Liberal leader and Premier in 2013, she had the opportunity to distance herself from the McGuinty legacy and become a new Premier with fresh ideas. Instead, she failed to take any corrective action, and has only continued the McGuinty legacy of explosive deficit spending, ever-increasing debt, expensive green energy experiments, and continual scandals that involve the misuse or abuse of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money. Dalton McGuinty's hijacking of Ontario has made him, the Liberal Party, and the Liberal government, the most scandal-plagued in Ontario's history, and this legacy has only continued under Kathleen Wynne.

The only answer, Dickin concludes, is for Ontarians to rise up and elect a Conservative government. Only a Conservative government, Dickin says, will end the McGuinty-Wynne hijacking and implement the right policies that will get Ontario back on track to its former prosperity.

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