Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne can't define "middle class" either

It seems Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is having a case of the Justin Trudeaus: she can't define "middle class" either.

One of federal Liberal leader Trudeau's latest blunders was his bizarre inability to be able to define the "middle class" - the class he and his Liberals think they represent.

Well, the Trudeaus are rubbing off on Ontario Liberal leader and Premier Kathleen Wynne.  On April 14, 2014, Wynne announced a $29 billion transit plan.  She didn't say how she would pay for it, other than to say it wouldn't come from increasing gas taxes, HST, or income tax on "middle-income earners."

So, who are those "middle-income earners"?

Calls to both the Ontario Premier's office and the Ontario Liberal Party for the past two weeks have gone unanswered.

Nothing.  Not a peep.

She's going to spend $29 billion on transit, but it won't come from the middle class' taxes - whoever they are.  Premier Kathleen Wynne is completely unable to answer who the middle class is, just like her federal boss Trudeau.