Saturday, May 24, 2014

First Working Families ad quotes one columnist, from one newspaper

The Working Families Coalition - er, sorry - Working Families Ontario have released their first attack ad, and guess what, it's anti-conservative.

Working Families have only recently been exposed for what they are - an anti-conservative front group - but they have been behind every Ontario election since 2003, vowing to never let another conservative get into office.

While they're not officially connected to the Liberal Party, their campaigns by former and connected Liberal staffers have criticized the Progressive Conservative Party to the benefit of the Liberals.

Their first ad for the 2014 Ontario election is above, and it's, well, peculiar.

It claims Hudak's party has been "misleading voters" because their Million Jobs Plan uses "voodoo math" to "manipulate voters."

Strong claims, right?  But these aren't the words of the Working Families, but rather selective quotes from one columnist from one article in the St. Catharines Standard.  Here's the article, in which Grant LaFleche makes the complaints Working Families is now repeating.

Note that this is not an attack on the author of the article.  I just find it peculiar that the Working Families would quote one columnist from one publication as the source for their first attack ad.

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