Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ontario's vote on June 12 is too important to pass up

This election has been about Tim Hudak and what he might do once in office, when really the focus should be on the unmitigated disaster the Liberals' record has been over the last 11 years.

There's been $1 billion on eHealth, $1 billion on ORNGE, $1.1 billion on the gas plants. Just those three scandals add up to over $3.1 billion in Liberal mismanagement and corruption. The Liberals have given public sector employees generous wage increases, like the OPP's 8.5% pay increase. The Liberals have doubled our debt and haven't introduced a balanced budget since 2008. They've set up their friends with cushy “consulting” contracts: we've spent millions of dollars to have the Liberals hire Liberal friends to complete Google searches or check their bosses' vacation voice mail!

These scandals have been repeated again, and again, and again, and again throughout the campaign. To call this the most corrupt and scandalous government in Ontario's and Canada's history would be an understatement.

So why aren't they sticking in the minds of Ontario's voters? Why are the Liberals actually leading with 37.3% compared to the Conservatives' 36.5% and the New Democrats' 19.8%?

Michael Ignatieff's Liberals were obliterated in the 2011 election, sent packing as the distant third-placed party because they had lost touch with what Canadians needed and wanted. Why aren't we doing the same for Wynne's Liberals?

The Liberals' desperation has reached monumental and potentially illegal proportions. In swing ridings across Ontario, especially in Ottawa, we've seen a coordinated and blatantly illegal campaign of signs attacking Conservative candidates by the Working Families Coalition. A Liberal campaigner was caught trying to take down Conservative signs in Ottawa South – and then said he was working for Andrea Horwath's New Democrats. Another Liberal campaigner was seen tearing down Conservative signs in York Centre.

Steven Del Duca, a Parliamentary Secretary in Wynne's cabinet, illegally used an image from the Dark Knight to depict Tim Hudak laughing as he walks away from a crumbling hospital. (The original creator of that satiric image did not give his permission to the Liberal campaign, nor did Warner Brothers.)

The Liberals have taken to using robocalls to call Conservative supporters, using Kathleen Wynne's voice to advertise the Liberal candidate... in another riding.

Even the Ontario Public Service Employees' Union President says Kathleen Wynne is full of it.

This is a government, a party, an entire culture of Liberal cronies afraid they're going to wake up with their free lunch on Friday the 13th, a fitting day to start Ontario's government anew.

They have absolutely nothing positive in their legacy to brag about, so they're resorting to vicious and potentially illegal attacks against their opponents.

How else can you explain the sheer magnitude of interference from the 34 registered third party advertisers in this election, most of them unions afraid to lose their seat at the trough? How else can you explain the appalling endorsement of the Ontario Provincial Police Association, who used police officers' equipment and uniforms and threatened to “get involved” if their generous Liberal bosses were in trouble?

One thing's for sure: Ontario is in for a rude and uncomfortable decade of cutbacks and austerity to ensure we get back on track. That's the inconvenient truth Don Drummond tried to tell us in 2012.

The Liberals haven't listened. They've only continued to add to the debt and rack up deficit spending. They've continued to add to their endless list of scandals, mismanagement, and corruption.

The Liberals need to go.

Ontario's vote tomorrow, on June 12, is too important to pass up. Get out and vote tomorrow – and bring your friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbours too.

Liars: The McGuinty-Wynne Record is available in paper copy through Freedom Press Canada and in e-book format through