Saturday, June 7, 2014

Working Families Coalition losing support from its own union sponsors

It would seem that not even Ontario's unions are happy with the Working Families Coalition, the anti-Conservative lobby group that has been behind every Ontario Liberal election victory since 2003. The unions have been pulling their support since the 2011 election, where Working Families was estimated to have spent over $10 million on advertising – more than the NDP and Conservatives combined.

An archive of the WFC's website from April 28, 2012 shows the WFC was supported by 13 unions:

However, by January 30, 2013, they lost two major union “sponsors” - the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation and the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.

By April 11, 2013, that remained the same:

But as of today, even with the WFC being supported by 15 unions, it's lost some of the largest possible union support in exchange for smaller local support: the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association's support is gone, the Secondary School Teachers have returned, Canadian Auto Workers is gone, and unions for ironworkers, fire fighters, energy professionals, and foreign service employees have been added.

The WFC is clearly bleeding support from major unions and has had to turn to others to keep its sponsorship numbers up.