Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Desperate Liberals attempt to link Andre Marin to Donald Trump with fake quiz

The Liberals are desperately attempting to hold onto the one-time Liberal stronghold of Ottawa-Vanier against former Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin.

After the embarrassing loss to the Progressive Conservatives in the former Liberal stronghold of Scarborough, apparently the Liberals are getting a little more aggressive and desperate. Apparently that desperation has now spread into creating smear jobs posing as "quizzes" on Buzzfeed.

A quiz was created on November 7 asking whether it was Donald Trump or Andre Marin who gave certain quotes.

But by November 8 the quiz was deleted, but you can still find it by clicking here. As you can see below, it was nothing more than a disgusting attempt to link Marin to Donald Trump.

And no, this wasn't some random Liberal supporter. The official Ontario Liberal Party Twitter account bragged about their "quiz" to Ottawa Citizen journalist David Reevely:

2018 can't come soon enough. And if you live in Ottawa-Vanier, go vote for Andre Marin on November 17.