About Daniel

Daniel Dickin is a Canadian author, community activist, and former columnist for the Prince Arthur Herald and Huffington Post. He has spent more than 10 years making a difference the public, private, and non-profit sectors: in the private sector, Daniel spent five years as an assistant restaurant manager at a multi-million dollar restaurant. In the non-profit sector, Daniel has volunteered his time to help better his community in roles including community advocate, Director of Communications, Secretary, Vice President, and President. In the public sector, Daniel is a communications and human resources advisor.

Daniel has a proven track record in each of these roles, whether it's volunteering on political campaigns, developing and executing strong communications plans, organizing a restaurant for excellence, or organizing highly successful events.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts (Law and Political Science) and a Master of Arts (Public Administration).

Daniel has been writing for over 10 years.  He has been published in local and national print newspapers and appeared on radio and television discussing various political and legal topics.  These include:

Daniel also made several media appearances for the promotion of his book, Liars: The McGuinty-Wynne Record, which was published in April 2014 by Freedom Press Canada.