Liars: The McGuinty-Wynne Record

In April 2014, Daniel released Liars: The McGuinty-Wynne Record, published by Freedom Press Canada.

The book is available direct from the publisher by clicking here, and is available in both paper copy as well as e-book on and

Endorsements & Reviews

“Dickin's book tells the real story of the financial disaster that Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne's governments have been. They have padded the pockets of their friends at the expense of taxpayers. They have dragged Ontario through endless fiascoes, whether it's eHealth, Ornge, OLG, or reckless and expensive experiments with “green energy.” They have caused Ontario's credit rating to be lowered time and time again. Their financial record is one of shame, leaving the crushing burden of thousands of dollars per person of debt and waseful Liberal experiments to be paid off by the next generation of Ontarians.”

- Peter Coleman
President & CEO
National Citizens Coalition

"We all know the Liberal record, but you forget some of it because that's how bad it is! That's how long and awful it is!"

- Brian Lilley
Host of Byline on Sun News Network

"Liars goes well behind the headlines and talking points when delving into the three main scandals of the McWynnety era: Ornge, eHealth and the gas plants cancellations. While the average reader might have forgotten the specifics of Ornge and eHealth, Dickin nicely summarizes the venal details of government officials acting in their self-interest with no regard for taxpayers."

"Just when I thought it wasn't possible to hate the Liberals any more, you had to go and write this book.  Thanks a lot!"

- Ontario Voter

"Dickin has collected an impressive amount of information about one of the worst periods in the history of Ontario - the rule of the provincial Liberal Party.  What has been mentioned in brief newspaper articles over the years has been collected and analyzed in the book to form a depressing narrative, which paints a grim picture of lies, fraud and lawlessness in what was once Canada's richest province."


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